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Associated Women’s Health is dedicated to providing the best gynecological care to the women of our community. Through personalized attention and individualized treatments, we strive to make sure our patients are comfortable with the treatment decisions. We are committed to providing the best care and returning our patients to the quality of life they deserve.

When you come to our office, expect ample time to discuss your gynecological issues with the doctor. In addition to personal attention and care, Dr. Zapata always involves his patients in the decision making process for their treatment modalities. Each patient is presented with all available choices, including pros and cons, and her decision is respected.

There has to be a mutual sense of trust between the patient and the doctor. If the patient goes into treatment with doubts or questions, or feeling that she was pushed into a decision that she did not fully understand or agree with, it will affect her appreciation of the results. After a short registration you can access your records at

AAGL member surgens have met the highest standards of gynecological surgery in the nation. Certified in Robotic Surgery